Ol’ bait and switch


Ol' bait and switch

The UK has quietly changed the infamous withdrawal agreement agreed by the Johnson government in January to allow for Britain to exit the block and override some of its legal commitments such as on the Irish border and on foreign aid.


Critics have been quick to accuse the government of breaking international law and the trust of EU allies. These are strong words when you consider that what really happened was Jacob Rees Mogg snuck into Parliament and used a big marker pen to cross out some stuff.


No less than five former UK prime ministers have come out against the proposed changes to legislation, all of whom incidentally have pretty dire track records when it comes to British membership of the EU.


This includes previous EU-UK negotiators such as David Cameron, who lost his own vote on membership and had to resign, as well as Sir John Major, who had to withdraw Pound Sterling from European Exchange Rate Mechanism at the cost of $3.3 billion. Truly, masters of their craft.


The ‘disturbing’ plan to pass laws contrary to an international treaty has been attacked by opposition leader Sir Keir Starmer. He warns that the government’s loose interpretation of international law may jeopardise the much-hyped trade deal with the US.


This is ironic in a week when legislation is being considered that would allow the US to extradite anyone of their choosing from the UK without consultation with the British government, who would have no such reciprocal power.


But hey, better not misbehave otherwise there’ll be no chlorinated chicken for us Brits!


The UK Internal Marked Bill passed through the Commons on Monday but some 20 senior Tories rebelled against the Bill and accused the government of breaking international law. In response, the Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab assured them ‘We are absolutely not doing that’… right.

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