Nobody Expects A Spanish Election!


Nobody Expects A Spanish Election!

In a nutshell: Spain’s Socialist Workers’ Party won the general election, and for the first time since Spain became a democracy, a far-right party ‘Vox’ will enter parliament.


The Spanish elections came in a time of two major national issues (there are probably several more, but these articles are adapted to limited attention spans). 


The first is an issue of trust. After the previous government was found to be involved in a large corruption scandal where private business bribed the governed in return for government contracts, the idea of elites profiting off a country in crisis is live. The second issue is Catalonia’s independence, which saw the military being deployed against voters and several members of the Catalan government prosecuted, after a Putin style referendum for an independent Catalonia was won. Crikey.


Back to the winners, and shocker, another European country sees the far-right gain foothold. What’s Vox? Vox occupies that ‘Ted Cruz/Rees Mogg’ part of the political spectrum that feels the government should not even think about creating a public service, but should lecture everyone on how to live their lives. I.e. Can’t afford to pay for that medical bill? Pick yourself up by the bootstraps, worker harder, we do care about the poor, just not enough to do something about it. But don’t even think about sex before marriage. 


Vox gained special attention when they opposed the division of Spain two years ago. They want to make it illegal to split, as this would separate the Spain they have been given by their grandparents. They might be called Vox, but it certainly isn’t the Catalonian Vox they care about.


What else does Vox promise? As is becoming a bit of a cliché, kicking out migrants is their main concern. More original policies include ending subsidies for Islamic centres, ‘feminazis’ (feminist organisations)  or indeed any ideological NGOs. But, don’t be fooled. Vox has ideologies, and is ready to fund them. Vox wants to fund talking women out of abortion, stop the recognition of homosexuals and transgender people and the party wants to stop digging up victims of the Franco dictatorship. Not sure where that came from. Last but not least, while the left has been dabbling with the idea the stabbing cows is not in fact culture, Vox feels differently. One of their candidates, Serafin Marin, is a bullfighter and has said bull fighting is the future for Spain and a tradition to be kept.


The winner of the election is rather boring in comparison. The Socialist workers’ party wants to form a pro-European government that fights for social justice and one that respects that constitution. Yawn. But what is a first for Spain, the socialists will have to form one of those tedious coalitions, where one party can’t dictate what everyone else does because ‘will of the people’ and all that.


A coalition with the cow stabbers is very unlikely. One of the coalitions could include a collaboration with the Ciudadanos, although because they are politically quite far apart and have been hurling abuse at one another, this is unlikely. If the socialists want to have a shot at being socialist, they will need to govern with the Catalan and Basque separatists. Easier said than done, because like Vox, the socialists have made it clear there will be no thinking of splits. Goes to show no one cares about the Catalonian vox. In either case, if you are concerned about your local feminazis congregating on the tax payer’s dime, tough luck.

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