Nifty Fifty (One)


Nifty Fifty (One)

The US is considering making Washington DC into the 51st state. (Because the existing fifty apparently aren’t giving them enough trouble). 


Washington DC is nestled in between Maryland and Virginia. It’s known for problematic monuments, politics, and Georgetown cupcakes. 


Currently there are over 700,000 taxpayers in Washington DC who have no representatives in Congress, and therefore no one working to pass laws that benefit them. This is a sharp contrast from other states who do have representatives in congress (but still no one working to pass laws that benefit them). 


There are several arguments on both sides regarding DC’s statehood, but there’s one thing nobody seems to be saying: won’t the star section of the flag look weird?


The resolution to give DC statehood was passed in the House, but will likely be blocked in the Republican-controlled Senate or vetoed by the President. Trump called the idea “very, very stupid,” and it seems like people should really take him at his word on this one (if there’s one thing he’s an expert in, it’s stupidity). 


Giving DC statehood would mean more Democratic representatives in congress, who could really make a difference with strategies such as wearing coordinated outfits. 


As it stands now, there are a disproportionate amount of representatives allocated to southern, rural, white states. This is true in Congress and true in the Bachelor franchise. 


It’s likely DC will gain statehood if Biden is elected and Democrats regain control of the Senate. Biden has endorsed DC’s statehood, but the question of whether there’s 50 or 51 states is probably not that important to him. Why? Because Biden’s not a numbers guy. He was recently off by about 120 million when talking about the amount of Americans that died of Coronavirus.  


DC wanting to become a state is arguably a less controversial issue than some sections of the US wanting to become their own nations, including CHAZ (the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone) in Seattle. 


While an enfranchised independent DC would be a testament to people truly honoring fair and equal representation in Congress, CHAZ is mostly a testament to how much people in Seattle would rather form their own tiny country than continue living in Seattle.

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