Kavanaugh or Kava-not?


Kavanaugh or Kava-not?

Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh is due to speak at George Mason University, but his invitation has caused a stir amongst some students.


Let’s face it, after the rape allegations, Kavanaugh is gonna face a hell of a time on any university campus. And that’s fine. Questioning authority figures is important and there are plenty of reasons to question this one. Strangely, the rape charges themselves might not even be the strongest case. Cue incensed gasp.


We will probably never be able to know for sure what happened between Kavanaugh and Dr. Blasey Ford. What we do know for sure, is the ridiculous afternoon courtroom drama style defense that ensued following the allegations. The ‘I like beer. Do you like beer?’ bit fell somewhere between a confused Marx brothers sketch and a desperate attempt to try and make a friend. But even if he were trying to make a friend, it would still be just a little bit stupid.


Regarding the charges, he must be assumed innocent until proven guilty. But even if he were to be found guilty of raping Dr. Ford, the following reaction would still be ridiculous:

Regardless whether or not you’re a fan of Kavanaugh’s, it’s not like the guy is going to go around raping everyone on campus. Plus, I bet he’s gonna have a butt-load of security people he’d have to rape his way through first. Therefore, Elijah, I think your safety will be ensured. Equally, just brushing off any criticism or skepticism as University President Angel Cabrera did, because Kavanaugh ‘was confirmed and is now a sitting Justice’ is also naïve.


University students closing themselves off to people with opinions they don’t want to hear is becoming a bit of a trend, and a damaging one at that. Any educated person with the ability to articulate their ideas and is truly secure in their convictions should surely relish the chance to debate opposing views. Pro-choice? Organize your thoughts, make your arguments, and represent your beliefs on the big stage. Don’t like beer? Actually, you’ll probably lose that one.

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