John Berc-owned


John Berc-owned

It’s never cool when a public figure is accused of bullying in a mere attempt to destroy their image during a critical moment. It’s harsh and unfair…and that’s why Hannah-Ann from The Bachelor deserves to be vindicated. (Who did you think this was about?…John Bercow?)


It’s true, Bercow is currently acting out a scenario not unlike the plot of last week’s The Bachelor. There are high stakes, name-calling and ever constant accusations of bullying. Although, unlike reality TV contestants (who are currently running successful campaigns for flat tummy tea), these people are running the government. 


When John Bercow stepped down as speaker, he was hoping to become a peer (an honor that has been afforded to every Former Speaker for the past 230 years). However, instead of being named a peer, he was named a “bully” and a “poison dwarf” (an honor that has never been afforded to anyone outside of the movie Snow White). 


The “poison dwarf” insult, Shakespearean in its wit, was hurled by Angus Sinclair (one of several people accusing Bercow of bullying). According to Sinclair, Bercow “taunted, humiliated and shouted at him” during his time as Bercow’s private secretary.  


It’s unclear what Bercow taunted Sinclair about…but it is clear that Sinclair taunted Bercow about being a poison dwarf, so it’s hard to say who’s in the right here. 


Sinclair also said he was hit by “the flying parts of a mobile phone the ex-Speaker had thrown at a table.” What parts? Phones these days don’t have a lot of parts. They mostly just have a front and a back. Was he hit by the tiny camera lens? 


In response to bullying claims against Bercow, Labour MP Barry Sheerman tweeted: “surprised that our Speaker didn’t throw a table or two at the ghastly little cabal that opposed reform of parliament!” He was surprised about the fact that Bercow didn’t throw a table? Obviously he wasn’t thinking about the fact that Bercow is 1.68 m tall and throwing that phone was probably the biggest physical effort he could manage. 


Despite continual bullying accusations over several years, Jeremy Corbyn nevertheless nominated Bercow to a peerage. Obviously Corbyn thinks this is a good idea. And if there’s one guy we can really trust, it’s the one who liked a bunch of anti semitic Facebook posts and then lost 59 constituencies in the general election.

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