It just gets worse for students


It just gets worse for students

It’s been a rough year for Covid Class of 2020 what with the closure of schools, universities, social spaces, and everything else in recent months. Haven’t students suffered enough already? The UK government doesn’t seem to think so.


That’s why their ‘standardisation model’ for deciding grades without, you know, the exam has seen 39% of students being downgraded, most of whom are from the most disadvantaged backgrounds.


This isn’t a good look for the Tories, who are forever being accused of promoting social inequality. That’s why education secretary Gavin Williamson has been quick to climb down from a model which looks like a neo-Victorian survey of class divisions in England by offering to pay for students to appeal their grades.


The attainment gulf between private and state-school educated children in the UK has widened in this year’s results and many are now calling for a complete U-turn and for the government to award students the grades initially predicted by their teachers.


After a computer algorithm chose the grades of every student in the country many complained that the system simply wasn’t fair. But overgrown schoolboy in chief, Boris Johnson, has insisted that these are a ‘robust’ and ‘dependable’ set of A-Level results.


One student from Somerset who had missed her place at Durham University after she received a grade C in biology said ‘That computer doesn’t know who I am and that I exist. I don’t think it’s fair at all’.


Still, Boris should know what’s fair after an Eton education and degree from Oxford which he used then to become a lacklustre journalist and even worse Prime Minister. So, stop complaining kids.

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