Iraq Wants to Deport Trump’s Army


Iraq Wants to Deport Trump's Army

Some one million people have demonstrated in Iraq’s capital, Baghdad, demanding the withdrawal of all US forces from the country. After all, ‘you can’t have a country without strong borders’.


Currently, there are some 5,000 American servicemen and women stationed in Iraq. They were dispatched to the region in 2014 by the Obama administration in response to the rise of Islamic State… on ‘peacekeeping’ duties.


Although, let’s face it, invading Iraq seems to have become a rite of passage for US Presidents. A bit like having a dog or pretending to attend church 9 times a week.


Recently the US presence has taken up all whole new definition of ‘peacekeeping’  i.e. blowing up convoys transporting Iraqi government officials and the like. Naturally, this has not gone down well with the natives.


Indeed, this month the Iraqi parliament and Prime Minister handed US leadership an order to withdraw all forces from the country… which Donald Trump has decided to just ignore – much like his impeachment trial, climate change and Saudi Arabia’s meddling in Jeff Bezos.


The US tactic of clinging to the furniture in the Middle East is clearly becoming increasingly unpopular. Famed Shia cleric, Moqtada al-Sudr, called on the masses to turn out in protest and sure enough on Friday they did.

Protesters waved Iraqi national flags and held placards denouncing the US in what has been called a ‘million-man march’. It comes just weeks after American strikes assassinated leading Iranian general Qasem Soleimani, as well as the Iraqi politician Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis.


Iraq has since had the privilege of playing host to Iranian air-strikes on US bases, which left some 38 service people with brain trauma, or ‘headaches’ as their Commander in Chief would say. Still, they probably better off treating their ‘headaches’ in Iraq than to be left at the mercy of the US healthcare system.


It’s clear that President Trump has managed to enrage the hostile masses of both Iran and Iraq in one go, who now sit firmly in the same camp as millions of animated Democrat voters.


And while the possibility that Iraq will become a battleground between encamped US and Iranian forces remains unclear, the country is considering whether it might be easier to send Trump’s army packing.

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