Fun Fact of the day: Scotland has parliamentary elections


Fun Fact of the day: Scotland has parliamentary elections

Did you know every 5 years there are Scottish parliamentary elections held on the 6th of May? 


No? Neither did anyone else. In a surprise to all but the most involved in British politics there is in fact a Scottish Parliament, often referred to as Holyrood. Holyrood is granted some devolved powers by the UK government such as setting the legal minimum temperature for the deep frying of mars bars, setting income tax rates and moaning about independence.


The current majority party in Holyrood is the SNP, the Scottish Nationalist Party, which Nicola Sturgeon is the head of… for now. The SNP seemingly has one policy, Scottish Independence, which has seen a boost in popularity within Scotland post-Brexit. 


The other major parties which will be putting forward candidates for seats in the chamber include the Scottish wings of the Labour party, traditionally a major player in Scotland but true to form lost all its seats at the last election, and the Conservative party. The Scottish Greens and Lib-Dems will also be putting forward candidates. 


Alex Salmond, a former member of the SNP and Scottish First Minister, has also started a new independence party, Alba. Much to the annoyance of Nicola Sturgeon. He has created the party after the SNP botched proceedings against him for alleged sexual misconduct, and for an unknown reason, some SNP MPs and SMPs are defecting to Alex Salmond’s new party over the poor handling of the claims against Alex Salmond.


In what could be a hotly contested election focusing mostly on Covid-19 recovery and Scottish independence one thing is for certain, no one will be waiting with bated breath for the results.

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