Finally, an Obama Scandal! 


Finally, an Obama Scandal!

While the Democrats are busy doing a 180 on the matter of having a senile sex offender in office, today marked a special day for Republicans; the long awaited ‘Obamagate’. 


Obamagate started when Donald decided to celebrate the 80,000th US COVID death doing what he does best: badgering former President Barack Obama on Twitter.


Not only did Obama criticise Trump’s handling of the COVID crisis (a faux pas amongst Presidents), but Trump claims he also conspired with FBI director Comey to fabricate Michael Flynn’s ties to Russia and harm his Presidency from the get-go. The latter presumably through witchcraft only a Kenyan could do. 


On the bright side: finally! Obama gets a scandal too. 


But, seeing as this is (only two years – but) a few thousand scandals later, a quick reminder of who Flynn was again. 


Michael Flynn served under Barack Obama as director of the Defence Intelligence Agency and got more or less fired after 2 years for his ‘chaotic management style’ which, you guessed it, got him the attention of Trump. Having been an ardent supporter of Trump throughout the 2016 elections, Flynn got a piece of the pie in the 2017 administration – the role of National Security Advisor. He then enjoyed a 24-day stint in Trump’s Whitehouse after resigning over misleading the FBI and Mike Pence about his chats with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak. 


This opened a whole Pandora’s box about Russian meddling and intelligence, which eventually led to his guilty plea. Only this week, however, Flynn was let off scot-free. After all, it was only the Russians. It’s not like he was talking to the Clintons.


So, what’s Obama got to do with it? 


While fact-checking any of DJT’s tweets is a painful exercise, Obamagate doesn’t make much sense. Not only Flynn has himself also pled guilty to the charges (twice), Obama also specifically advised Trump not to hire Flynn. That said, how can you expect Trump to losten to Obama’s advice when doing the exact opposite of what Obama says is exactly how Trump sketches out his policies. 


But, despite the warning and it being hard to believe someone was framed after getting no punishment despite a guilty plea, the incident was branded as “worse than Watergate” by Trump. His supporters were even more excited and concluded “Obama ruined the US worse than flying through a Manhattan skyscraper did”, “he’s responsible for the current food shortages” and “terrorist of the century”. 


That said, their excitement and creativity may have woken a few sleeping dogs. As of today, 2000 DoJ officials have now called for William Barr’s resignation over the handling of the Flynn case.  It turns out that an Attorney General is expected to do more than punish people hiding joints in their socks.

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