Democracy Reinvented: Vox Erdogan, Vox Erdogan.


Democracy Reinvented: Vox Erdogan, Vox Erdogan


The Council of Europe, not to be confused with the group of EU leaders who keep Theresa May awake at night, expressed doubts as to whether Turkey’s electoral environment is fair. Seems quite harsh on Turkey, as serious efforts are being made by the Turks to improve their democracy. Not the least of which, by president Erdogan who claims that Istanbul’s polling stations jeopardised the result. He calls it “one of the biggest stains in Turkey’s Democratic History”. Don’t think he won that one. This might be the only source of agreement with the Council and definitely something to bring up with the 5-year president of Turkey. Oh, wait.


But, Erdogan certainly has not neglected the issue. In an attempt to improve the electoral vibes, Erdogan’s A.K.P spammed Istanbul with victory posters after losing by 25.000 votes. This is not the first time Erdogan has expressed his own interpretation of democracy. In 2017, leading up to Turkey’s referendum to decide whether to change into a presidential system, Turkey planned to send a delegation to the Netherlands in order to campaign for a ‘Yes’ vote. After the Netherlands banned the aeroplane containing Turkey’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, Erdogan took the hint and graciously called the Dutch fascists and “remnants of Nazism”. Good job there isn’t a Turkish law prohibiting “foreign campaigning”, as that would be really embarrassing…

Despite Erdogan’s emotional attachment to foreign campaigning, the Turkish government urges “all parties, including foreign governments, to respect the legal process and refrain from taking any steps that may be construed as meddling in Turkey’s internal affairs”. Erdogan has refrained from commenting on this outrageous statement.


Erdogan’s other campaign tactic includes a recent promise to turn the age-old Hagia Sophia into a Mosque. But, don’t be mistaken, Erdogan is certainly not old fashioned. An attempt at recruiting young voters saw the A.K.P. make a Black Mirror esque choice scenario which shows mayhem in the streets and economic collapse if you don’t vote for Erdogan. A novel attempt to show democracy works best when the choice is made for you.


Erdogan is clearly ahead of his time, and in the words of Recip Tayyip Einstein “Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds.”. Let’s hope the Council takes note.

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