Corona coup… the sequel


Corona coup… the sequel

We recently looked at how in some countries the coronavirus pandemic was being used to by governments to implement their dream-scenario police state. China, unsurprisingly, is taking this to the next level.


With lockdown restrictions easing, the government is keen to show that things are back to business as usual. Seeing people slowly emerge from voluntary imprisoning themselves has clearly started to bother the Chinese government, which is why they have begun prosecuting foreign nationals for participating in the Hong Kong protests.


China is blaming everything, as usual, on ‘foreign interference’, in particular from the west. Indeed, like apparently all of the new coronavirus cases in China, the mass protests seen last year in Hong Kong were merely an ‘imported’ problem. 


Belizean national and Taiwanese resident, Lee Henley Hu Xiang, has had his case transferred to Guangzhou for prosecution. He is accused of engaging in ‘criminal acts that endanger state security’. Although as we have seen, he could have hardly been more dangerous than a hearty bowl of bat soup. 


China is using the global pandemic to crackdown harder of pro-democracy groups. An app for ‘tracking infections’ for the disease has been repurposed to monitor the whereabouts of suspected activists… because no one saw that one coming. 


Three other Taiwanese nationals are also facing prosecution for alleged crimes during the protests, which, by the way, did not even occur within official Chinese territory. Fifteen prominent figures in pro-democracy movements have too been arrested.


This includes the 81-year-old founder of the Hong Kong Democratic Party, Martin Lee, who was detained for ‘unlawful assembly’. In September Hong Kong is due to hold an election, before his arrest, Mr Lee said that he believed Beijing would resort to ‘all kinds of tricks’ to ensure that pro-democracy candidates do not run. 


The government holds Mr Lee and his movement responsible for creating the ‘anti-China chaos’ that occurred last year. They were probably hoping for COVID to restore some ‘pro-China order’ and sort Mr Lee out. Bad luck. 

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