Corbyn gets the flush


Corbyn gets the flush

Jeremy Corbyn has had the whip removed by the new New Labour party after the Equality and Human Rights Commission found his leadership of the Labour party to be unlawful due after his slothish handling of antisemitism in his party.


The response across the political world has varied, with the left of the Labour party still looking to cling onto their dream of establishing a worker’s paradise in the UK. Many are confused to find out he was actually still in the party, assuming that he had fled to Venezuela after the last election.  


Jeremy Corbyn has been a Labour MP since 1983 and was the leader of the party and Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition from 2015-20. A time which saw him achieve such feats as *checks notes* lose a general election despite then claiming victory and giving Emily Thornberry a firm boob-slap in celebration. 


Corbyn plans to continue to sit in parliament as an independent MP, but then again he’s never really towed the party line on anything so this probably won’t make much of a difference.


Keir Starmer, the moisturised new face of Labour, was quick to claim this as a win for the Blairites as he continues to purge his party of greying old comrades. 


Jeremy Corbyn, who has had one of the longest political careers in modern British politics, might be advised to step down from politics for good, though in his press conference he said “there are still a few arguments left in this old dog yet”. Whether anyone has the patience to listen to an old dog right now is quite another matter.

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