“Christian Genius Billionaire” Takes on “Very Stable Genius” in US Presidential Race


“Christian Genius Billionaire” Takes on “Very Stable Genius" in US Presidential Race

In the November presidential election, Trump will face a very serious challenge. He’ll be going up against someone who’s been in the public eye for a long time, someone beloved, someone who can be occasionally strange and incoherent, but ultimately someone who has the resources and the backing to really give him a run for his money. That person isn’t Joe Biden. It’s Kanye West. 


On Saturday, rapper Kanye West announced his official run for President of the United States. At first it seemed like a joke, but then again people also thought Donald Trump was joking when he ran. The bottom line is: dangerous things can happen when celebrities start making political jokes. James Franco almost started a war with North Korea (although anyone who saw Why Him knows that almost precipitating a nuclear war is the least of James Franco’s offenses). 


West hasn’t registered with the Federal Election Commission, but he has made the news official on Twitter, which, to be honest, is the forum where most American political decision-making takes place. So the run seems legit. West even has a huge endorsement. 


After he made the announcement, Tesla CEO and Seth MacFarlane lookalike, Elon Musk quickly tweeted out his support. West also has the full support of his wife, Kim Kardashian. And if there’s anyone Americans can definitely trust, it’s the woman who was taking selfies while her sister was going to jail. 


The more Americans weigh up their options for the November election, the more Kanye West seems like the most rational and obvious candidate. 


Even so -and despite the fact that absolutely no one who would vote for Kanye cares- here are some of the things he’s promised to do in office; Bringing back the ‘fear and love of God’ to American schools, push an anti-abortion and anti-vaccine agenda (to be fair, it’s not like there will be much use for vaccines if COVID does it’s things for a few more months) and for Elon Musk to ‘run’ the space programme. 


He also has a wealth of experience running successful campaigns, like when he tried to convince Forbes magazine that he is a genius billionaire and his attempts to cancel Taylor Swift. If that’s not quite appealing enough, a Kanye Presidency would also bring yet another first lady with pornography on her CV to the White House, and who could resist that. 


News outlets are reporting that Kanye West might be too late to officially get his name on the ballot this November. But if 2020 has taught the world anything, it’s too expect the unexpected. That is part of the reason voters believe that our next president may very well end up being Shia Labeouf.

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