China gets the Marr treatment


China gets the Marr treatment

Things have been getting pretty tense between the UK and China recently. As we’ve already covered, China’s new security law in Hong Kong prompted the British government to try and sneak some 3 million HK citizens out from under China’s nose by offering an easy pathway to British citizenship.


But in recent days the biggest episode of Sino-British beef since the Opium Wars of the nineteenth century became a bit more heated. The Chinese ambassador, Lui Xiaoming, was questioned on live television about apparent concentration camps in Northern China… and what a disaster it was.


In response to a drone footage of handcuffed people being marched onto trains the ambassador came out fighting with ‘I cannot see… err you know… this view’.  Because it’s just the custom in that part of China to catch the train with your hands tied behind your back blindfolded.


The BBC’s Andrew Marr, whose record for making politicians of all parties squirm Chinese intelligence clearly overlooked, continued to press the point about the prevalence of forced migration and even genocide against Uyghur Muslims.


But Xiaoming was having none of it. After asking Marr whether he had himself visited Xing Jang, where the footage was taken, he said ‘you know Xing Jang is regarded as the most beautiful place in Xing Jang.’ Who would have thought that of all the beauty spots in Xing Jang… it would be Xing Jang itself that took the prize. It’s almost poetic.


The ambassador’s poor grasp of the English language, however, was not enough to get him out of the hotspot in the interview, and he remained hopelessly unable to answer to the human rights abuses which China is accused of. The full 20-minute video is almost beyond satire. But ultimately, nothing can beat Prince Andrew’s career suicide caught on camera.


Mr Xiaoming is probably unfamiliar with the concept of a ‘free press’ because in China the interview would have centred around the fantastic education programme offered to the Uyghurs as well as China’s masterly elimination of coronavirus.


Still, after an interview this disastrous the ambassador might have to make a trip to the re-education camp himself.


The feud between the UK and China continues and Huawei has just been stripped of its contract to install 5G network in the UK. Which is a good thing, as everyone knows that it’s 5G is which really responsible for the Coronavirus pandemic.

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