Check, Please!


Check, Please!

US Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany made a huge faux pas this week. During a press briefing on Friday May 22nd, she wore a zip-up eggshell white sweatshirt underneath an off-white linen blazer. Not only did the eggshell white majorly clash with the off-white, but also, who wears a a blazer over a sweatshirt? Who did she think she was? Jimmy Fallon in Fever Pitch? 


And that wasn’t even her biggest screw up that day. She also accidentally revealed the bank details of the President of the United States. 


In an attempt to prove that Donald Trump was donating his entire salary to Coronavirus relief efforts, she held up a check with all his bank account information. Apparently it was a real check from Capital One, the bank whose well-known ads feature Samuel Jackson asking “What’s in your wallet?” Well, now everyone’s knows what’s in Trump’s wallet: a $100,000 check for coronavirus relief along with an American Express black card, a receipt from CVS for Vo5 wax and a picture of himself (probably). 


Revealing Trump’s bank account details doesn’t mean he’ll definitely get hacked, but it’ll certainly make it easier. The president and chief executive of the Identity Theft Resource Center, said. “It’s very important for your average person to understand this is not a best practice.” Kayleigh McEnany, however, is not your average person. (If she was, she would’ve been named Kaley instead of Kayleigh). 


McEnany graduated from Harvard Law School, where she took several courses in constitutional law and zero courses in deciding whether or not to display your boss’s personal details on live TV. 


This faux pas is exactly why televised promotional events usually use giant cardboard checks instead of the real thing. However, they presumably didn’t some huge useless laying around in the Oval Office. After all, they already have Trump. 


White House Spokesman Judd Deere released a statement saying, “Leave it to the media to find a shameful reason not to simply report the facts, focusing instead on whether the check is real or not.” Apparently whether something is real or fake isn’t that big of a deal in the White House. Which makes sense since it’s it’s a place full of fake eyelashes, fake noses and fake news. 

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