British Empire gets a reboot


British Empire gets a reboot

With Brexit done and dusted ‘global Britain’ is calling up old friends… namely former white colonies around the world.


In other words, Empire, a band which rocked all three worlds, could be making a comeback! Fans from across the english speaking world are growing ever more excited as rumours begin to mount about the possibility of a CANZUK reunion tour. Fans of the Empire in Great Britain could perhaps really need this lift as GBs solo career has tanked as of late after sales of the divisive Brexit album have massively underperformed, especially in the European market. 


The group that formed way back in the 17th century saw massive success for a good 300 years, dominating the international scene. The Empire brought us such hits as White People – But in Asia and Brown Sugar.  In modern times though, fans have really struggled to appreciate the old group for some of the atrocities and war crimes committed.


By the 20th century though long lasting tensions about Britain taking all the glory and wealth became too much for some members and over time the band began to dissolve. Former members such as India though have really started to make an impact on the international scene as of late, GB has never forgotten they started off India’s career though and gave them trains. “In many ways their success is ours” said foreign secretary Dominic Raab on the issue.


It seems though now that some of the biggest originals members; Canada for back up vocals, Australia on the guitar, New Zealand on the bass and former lead singer Great Britain could be eyeing up a reunion.


Dominc Raab chose not to comment on these rumours but he did say that back in his grammar school days he was quite the choir boy and senior sources close to him have said Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison has added Dominic Raab to the CANZUK Whatsapp group but for now he has only muted it.

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