Brexit… when life was more simple


Brexit... when life was more simple

Remember the days when Brexit dominated the headlines and coronavirus was still a just scary Chinese thing? Well despite the entire world – let alone the Northern Irish border – closing down, the UK’s journey out of the EU has carried on.


The withdrawal agreement secured by the Johnson government in January has been partially overridden, allowing for the UK to walk away from the talks if no deal is reached holding final say over the Northern Irish protocol. This would still be a ‘good outcome’ and allows for both sides to ‘move on’ say policy makers, most of whom evidently used to be cheap divorce lawyers.


The once dreaded ‘no deal’ scenario, which prophesied economic chaos, food shortages, and all manner of domestic strife, now looks like a Disney film in comparison to what’s actually happened. But Boris Johnson still wants to leave it as an option in case talks fail, because at this point how much worse can things really get?


Johnathan Ashworth of the Labour Party said ‘Boris Johnson told us that he had an oven-ready deal. And he fought a general election telling us that he had an oven-ready deal. [This] now suggest that he was misleading people in that election.


But let’s face it, if you put anything this government made into an oven it would probably explode, catch on fire, or worse.


The deadline for securing a deal with the EU is fast approaching, so the government is trying to throw, as one politician described it, as much ‘red meat’ to Tory back-benchers as possible before while they still can.


By the way… does anyone remember when Theresa May was still PM? Funny how talk of Brexit now seems like a bizarre throw-back to some distant era like appeasement in 1939, or WMDs and the Bush-Blair bromance.

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