Brexit Means?


Brexit Means?

To some, Brexit was still exciting this weekend. Boris’ fresh new deal was presented to parliament, but an amendment made sure Boris would first need to ask the EU to extend for a third time. Remain angry. Leave angry.


Leave is angry because democracy only needs to take place once, then people need to keep their mouth shut. They got the answer they liked, and no one is taking it away from them. Especially not with something stupid like a referendum.


Remain is angry because even when you’re still in the EU, there are plenty of things to be angry about. Leavers don’t understand why the EU is good, why Bordeaux tastes great, why an Erasmus year is an experience of a lifetime and why multiculturalism has more to offer than a Polish night shop.


But, more about the deal. Some have said this is just May’s reheated deal. This is of course, irrelevant. May’s deal, leave, remain, WTO, EEA and a handful of other acronyms – everyone’s tired. Those who aren’t yet tired and want a new referendum, a general election, no more Jeremy Corbyn and an impact assessment, probably made a career of it by now.


Even Nigel is showing his true colours. He doesn’t like the Boris deal, but he likes Jean Claude Juncker even less. Juncker is bad for saying no extension, even though it might as well be Kim-Jong Un saying no extension. Neither decide whether there will be one. Nigel doesn’t want a deal, a no deal, or the EU. Which is the only position you can really take if you lead a Eurosceptic party paid for by the European Union. Nigel needs the EU more than it needs him. Same can be said about Brexit.


Piers Morgan mentioned that he went fishing with 15 friends of his, and discovered many of them changed their mind from remain to leave. A second referendum is therefore irrelevant, he argued. While the thought of Piers having 15 friends shocked people equally from either side of the aisle, it was unlikely that the 15 people Piers had selected represent the British public.


Jacob Rees-Mogg decided Saturday deal-day was the ultimate time for a ‘take your ‘son to work-day’. He wanted to show you can be hated, spat at and unpopular in a democracy, as long as you have the right friends.

Dianne Abbot got a similar fate, but that was business as usual. Someone who can’t count to 10 is meant to be ridiculed, Brexit or not.


Saturday ended with a brief moment of monumental leadership by the PM who refused to sign the letter of extension to the EU he was forced to send. If you’ve ever wondered what sort of person flips the bird at the police when they aren’t looking, now you know.

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