Blackout In Canada


Blackout In Canada

Blame Canada! They act all nice and elect a poster boy for diversity and then suddenly he turns out to have painted his face every skin tone short of green.


Still, it is pretty rich to watch all of this controversy over Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s face-painting activities come out right before Canada’s federal election. Especially when oil-worshiping Conservative Andrew Scheer (also known for impersonating a recycled, wet doormat) and the biggest who’s-who of Muslim-hating race-baiting trash on the planet like Ezra Levant and Nazi-cuddler Faith Goldy gleefully trumpet their outrage of Trudeau for doing stupid things almost 20 years ago. 


Yeah, we might boost Nazis and inspire hate crime murderers like the Quebec mosque shooter, but look at Trudeau joking as a genie from Arabian Nights! OMG.


Obviously if this was a conservative or right-wing white person they would be getting more heat than Trudeau. Then again, probably not as much from their own voting base that’s been sufficiently desensitised to sleep through a civil war. 


There’s no doubt the media has been soft-pedaling for Trudeau on this with explaining it away as youthful folly or not the same as, for example, Virginia governor Ralph Northam buddying around in blackface with a guy dressed up as a member of the KKK. That’s true, but if a right-wing person had joked around like Trudeau they’d never be in office again.


The only blackface former PM Stephen Harper engaged in was getting his face black from praying daily towards the Alberta oil sands.


Still, have Trudeau’s actual policies been racist? He may have folded on promises about helping Canada’s indigenous people and has overruled them on the Trans Mountain (not an LGBTQ thing) pipeline, but his policies by and large and public approach have been the opposite of racist.


Trudeau is practically a male diversity barbie. He believes in as many genders as the universe can contain and wants every shade of Canadian to prosper and be respected.


Liberals falling into the outrage trap are just giving a red carpet to Scheer and co. Which, in the end, is like going on strike because somebody called someone a “lazy [insert racist term]” to then make place for a smooth-talking factory owner who helps run a Third World slave colony to supply our products and services. Didn’t quite go to plan did it?

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