Biden President Material After All?


Biden President Material After All?

Joe Biden is enjoying some negative attention after two women have come forward accusing him of behaving inappropriately. This is terrible news for the democrats out there who have been left longing for a ‘better call Saul’ esque sequel to the Obama Presidency. Or is it? Without saying it comes with the territory of being president, the electorate surely has been desensitised to pretty much any accusation by now.


Lucy Flores was the first to come forward, saying the former Vice President made her feel “uneasy, gross and confused” by kissing her on the head and smelling her hair. Guess tastes differ? The second accusation came from Amy Lappos who claims Biden “grabbed her by the head” in a non-sexual manner, after which he rubbed noses with her. Aside from the blatant cultural appropriation to the Inuit people, this seems relatively innocent. Weird and uncomfortable? Definitely.


In response to the claims, Biden has said “In my many years on the campaign trail and in public life, I have offered countless handshakes, hugs, expressions of affection, support and comfort”. There might be some way to go from 2 to countless complaints…Biden clarified; “And not once –never- did I believe I acted inappropriately” and he also remains committed to being the strongest advocate for the rights of women. Let’s just hope he dies not mean the right to be smelled.


But what to do about this issue if even the most unsuspecting candidates come with dodgy reviews from female colleagues? The Washington Times has the solution: “…we must find a way to separate male from female. Otherwise, we many never again have a president of the United States.”. Aside from this exceptional display of biological expertise, this could be a slippery slope. This is just a guess of course, it’s not like segregation has ever been tried in the US before…Let’s also just gloss over the fact that the Washington Times suggests that anyone running for president is inevitably predisposed to sexually assaulting people or being creepy and must therefore live his/her life far away from the opposite sex.


Without drawing premature conclusions, Biden’s actions are far from outrageous enough to win over that desirable portion of the electorate who loves a bit bit of locker-room-harrasment talk. We’ll stand by to hear if Biden starts bragging about it on the Access Hollywood bus.

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