Biden his Time


Biden his Time

Lately there’s been a huge news controversy over whether Biden is skipping the presidential debates. Everyone seems to think that him sitting this one out would be a good strategic decision. Everyone that is, except Biden himself. 


If he skips the debates, everyone will remember Biden as the handsy drunk uncle type who with any luck would turn out to be an older, whiter, and less inspirational version of Obama. If he attends the debates, everyone will remember Biden as the sad old guy who Trump obliterated with middle school style offensive nicknames and inevitable taunts. 


Seriously, back when there were like 85 democrats running for president, Biden’s debate performance was undoubtedly the least impressive. He lacked the incisiveness of Elizabeth Warren, he lacked the charm of Pete Buttigieg, he lacked the iconic and confusing red tartan tie of Tom Steyer, and he lacked the deer-in-the-headlights-i-might’ve-just-peed-in-my-pants terror of Michael Bloomberg. He — like that one wisp of hair on top of Bernie Sanders’ head — was always kind of just there.


It seems like the right wing media was sort of hoping Biden would back out of debating Trump just so they could criticize him for being sheepish and incoherent. It also seems like the left wing media was sort of hoping Biden would back out of debating Trump just so he wouldn’t be criticized for being sheepish and incoherent. But apparently Biden is determined to do the debates, although it’s unclear why. Maybe he just really really wants an excuse to finally leave his basement. 


The New York Times wrote a piece encouraging Biden to skip debating, and arguing that the debates are more a test of who can come up with the snappiest comebacks and one-liners rather than who would be the best leader. Apparently, and this is frankly shocking, actually doing the job of president has nothing to do with convincing huge crowds to boo for the opposing political party while confusingly winking at TV cameras.


Still, the more Biden stays out of the spotlight, the less people actually understand what his platform is. Healthcare reform? Climate change policies? Imposing sanctions on lying dog faced pony soldiers? To be honest, nobody really cares that much cause they know it’s gotta be better than tweeting a lot or doing random photoshoots with bibles and beans. 

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