Austria’s 10 Commandments for Migrants


Austria's 10 Commandments for Migrants

Lower Austria is planning to issue refugees with ‘ten commandments of immigration‘ when they enter the country. Refugees will subsequently be required to sign them, after which their adherence to the commandments will be taken into account in the assessment of their migration status. Only seven of them have been circulated so far –  ‘the 7 commandments’ doesn’t quite have the same ring to it –  so they’re probably still thinking of three.


This idea was dreamt up by Gottfried Waldhäusl, member of the FPÖ in charge of integration in lower Austria. The FPÖ is currently also a coalition partner in the national government despite a few throwbacks to Austria’s previous political endeavours – Including a counsellor who posted images of his grandfather in Nazi uniform, a regional candidate who when running a fraternity published a songbook saying “Step on the gas, you ancient Germanic peoples, we’ll manage the seventh million”, and a party official who performed Nazi salutes. 


So, the FPÖ politicians are not known for their hospitality, nor for their historical awareness. Or excellent historical awareness depending what side you’re on. But a few party nutters doesn’t mean they’re all from the same neck of the Reich. Gottfried may not have saluted or played Nazi dress up, but he doesn’t mind a camp here and there. In an attempt to combat unruly migrant youths, he put a large group in a fenced community near the Czech border and only allowed them to exit with a security escort. In short, Gottfried is right were he belongs. 


Back to the commandments, and let’s go through some of them: 


There are a few commandments that appear to be reasonable; prevent animal cruelty for example – presumably aimed at ritual sacrifices sometimes performed in accordance with Islam. Having said that, the FPÖ previously tried to make Jewish people obtain licences before being able to purchase Kosher meat, but because this would require making a list of Jewish people this was deemed a tad too nostalgic. Migrants are also required to learn German for some reason, which is deeply unfair as no one in Austria has bothered to do so as of yet. 


The migrants must also adopt Austrian values, and raise their children according to them. Wonder if values include the ones propagated by the FPÖ , but let’s hope it doesn’t. Before you know it Austria will be back in the business of producing Fürhers. Baby steps though. In the mean time, the aim of the commandments is to make sure refugees assimilate into the Austrian population effectively. But, there is a price to pay. For the pleasure of staying in Austria,  they are also obliged to ‘show gratitude to Austria’. This because if someone escaped a war torn country by leaving everything behind and is not grateful when he arrives in Austria, that doesn’t reflect particularly well on the host country. Besides, the best type of gratitude is of course forced gratitude. 

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