And They’re Off!


And They’re Off!

What with the near-outbreak of World War Three, Harry and Meghan rage-quitting on the royal family, and the bushfires in Australia, it is easy to forget that the UK Labour Party is currently going through an existential crisis of leadership. 


Since Jeremy Corbyn failed to secure a majority for his party in the recent election, his political star has finally burnt out and party members have agreed on selecting a new leader who will take the fight to the massed ranks of the Tories. 


A number of candidates have come forward in recent weeks to throw their hats (communist looking or otherwise) into the ring. We thought that each one should be reviewed individually here… 


Sir Keir Starmer is the apparent frontrunner in the contest with special importance in having served as the Shadow Secretary for Exiting the European Union during the Brexit process. Starmer is no Corbynista, resigning from the front bench in 2016 and supported more centre-left Owen Smith as a new leader. 


In general, his career does not seem like it will cause him major headaches in the future, though that’s not saying much as the last leader set the bar rather high by laying wreaths on terrorist graves and such.


And that’s it for the men! After all, it is a bit embarrassing that the party across has delivered two female Prime Ministers and a record number of female MPs in the last election, while its leader is happy to call women “ill-raised, ignorant, aggressive and illegitimate”. 


Next up is Rebecca Long-Bailey, who is seen by many as the torchbearer of the Corbyn legacy. She has defended the party policy in several televised debates and panels and is so far the favourite among the left of the party who want to keep the Corbyn -A.k.a. historical losses- momentum going.


Jess Phillips has made a name for herself in standing up for women MPs against abuse and harassment. She’s an unabashed feminist and as such is itching to take Boris Johnson to task on his perceived misogynistic tendencies… or just misogynistic tendencies. 


Lastly, Lisa Nandy (who?) has secured enough support to qualify for the first round of the contest. She wants to see the Party branch out and campaign for support in smaller towns and rural communities, in other words to break the North London Islington mould. 


Other candidates have come forward to seek the leadership of the party but have as yet failed to reach the required 10% of parliamentary colleagues required to qualify. Emily Thornberry, who recently accused her former colleague Caroline Flint of ‘making up s***’ as well as Clive Lewis who has recently proposed a referendum on semi abolition of the monarchy – if they don’t abolish themselves first that is. 


Such figures as Dianne Abbot and John McDonnell have endorsed the youthful Long-Bailey, presumably because their toxicity levels are through the roof at this stage. Voting will take place between the months of February and April, with the new leader being announced thereafter. In the meantime, Corbyn is yet to resign and still looking grumpy on the front bench. 

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