A very un-presidential debate


A very un-presidential debate

“Will you shut up man?” cried out the American people as arguably the worst presidential debate in the history of US politics took place on the 29th of September.


With a little over 30 days now to go before the general election on the 3rd of November where Americans will stream to the voting booths, or in many cases vote via mail-in/absentee ballots, the first of three presidential debates took place at the Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland.


These debates in past elections have served as an opportunity to help sway undecided voters. However, on this occasion, it seems clear that in a rare moment of bipartisanship between President Donald Trump and Vice President Joe Biden the two candidates agreed to ward off undecideds entirely.


With neither candidate taking significant losses or gains in the polls after the debate, experts and pollsters declared the real winner anyone who decided to not to bother watching the debate.


There may though have been a clear loser – Chris Wallace, who was repeatedly spoken over like a woman in the Trump household.


The Fox News anchor who was hosting his second presidential debate after previously doing so in 2016 between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton failed to contain the rampant President Trump who interrupted Biden 126 times based on a count by Slate.


Biden, exacerbated at the train wreck unfolding around decided it was at this exact moment he should stand there and do nothing about it. At one point asking Trump to “gimmie a break”.


A sentiment many of the American people were also feeling as they collectively wished for an ad brake during the first globally televised non-stop 90-minute battle of out of touch and slightly racists grandpas.


The former VP did manage to demonstrate his skills as a master mathematician, at one point, when listing Trump’s abuses, jumping straight from number one to number three. ‘No’ replied the president, ‘you were on two’.


Given the age of two candidates, it’s surprising that both men managed to make the full 90 minutes bladder related incident free. Rumour has it the mask Trump brandished from his pocket at one moment was in fact an adult diaper.


With two more debates left to go the American people find themselves with a hard choice to make, stay informed or stay sane?

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