What’s in a Name?


What's in a Name?

South Korean men are currently fighting against feminism. According to CNN, a group of ‘angry young men’ is hoping to restore true gender equality and justice for men who are currently being left behind. 


The movement in question argues that feminism is no longer about gender equality, but that it is gender discrimination, violent and hateful. 


These antifeminists come only a few years after feminist groups started to become mainstream in Korea to support the #Metoo movement and to protest the murder of a young woman in Seoul 3 years ago. 


Aside from stopping the murder and abuse of women, the feminists were also hoping to improve career prospects for women who up until now could expect a wage gap similar to the UAE, Sierra Leone or Ethiopia.  


What’s more, with over six thousand cases of voyeurism taking place in Seoul’s public women’s toilets each year, one could argue there is a good reason to do more than just worry one’s ‘pretty little head’ about things. 


But, some thought “enough of this oppression”. What’s becoming of Korea if you can’t just walk up to a woman and kill her? Even worse, imagine filming one while she’s using the toilet and being punished for it. Make Korea Great Again! 


Korea is not alone in depicting feminism as a group of shouty, violent, man-hating lesbians. 


Around the world, about half of all millennials still consider themselves feminists and about 7% of the total population would go as far as labelling themselves that. 


Both in Europe and the US, this is a trend too. Being a feminist means you might as well be a pyromaniac – thanks for inventing fire, but now you should really stop setting fire to things. 


So, since when did feminism become interchangeable with a movement to put all men in prison? Is that not a bit like saying all Sander’s voters are rampant communists, or Trump voter’s all like to wear white hoods and congregate in secret meetings? 


It could be news to some, but feminism started with women wanting to own things, vote and be able to do things other than dishes. Even before you say ‘yes but now they can’, a majority of countries still don’t regard men and women as equal and will not stand for hedonistic freedoms like driving, owning things or travelling alone. 


It’s hard to say whether it is those who haven’t picked up a history book in a while or PhDs in rainbow studies who are to blame for the hate for feminism. What should be easier to identify, are small groups of men feeling sorry for themselves by saying they deserve equality. 

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