Tony Tinderholt: A Profile


Tony Tinderholt: A Profile

Tony Tinderholt

Texan Republican Tony Tinderholt is so ‘pro-life’ that he’s willing to put women to death. The women that have scorned him in particular are those having abortions. This State Representative has proposed that Texas adopt a law which would punish abortions with the death penalty. 


The “Abolition of Abortion in Texas Act” would classify abortion as murder “regardless of any contrary federal law, executive order, or court decision.” This would make both abortion providers and women receiving abortions murderers, which is a capital crime in Texas. Never before has someone been able to make Ted Cruz look progressive. 


His argument is that he is ‘equalising the law’ and that he is a proponent of equal rights in and outside of the womb. Wonder how the second amendment would be applied in the womb,  what with those tyrannical mothers. 


Tinderholt has also argued that he wants women to have more responsibility for their actions and for people to consider the consequences of sex more seriously. What better way to make women more responsible than to take away choice altogether?


With a face only a mother could love, Tinderholt took to Texas’ most liberal city, the hipster enclave of Austin, to present his bill. After 446 witnesses testified in its favour, the law was voted down. The argument of proponents:

God Bless.                                                       


If you follow local Texan news (a truly exhilarating pastime) you’ll know it’s not only the women having abortions that bother Tony Tinderholt. A while ago you could find the 5-time groom trying to stop a marriage between a terminally ill woman and her (female) partner. His other hobbies include wife beating, collecting restraining orders and whatever he does at church. 


It’s only right that Tony be reprobate of the week. Although, frankly he’s so unlikeable that a week seems rather short. 

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