Royally Confusing


Royally Confusing

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have come under fire in Britain as they apparently can’t relate to people. 


Although they claim that they want to save the planet from climate doom, they flew to Ibiza privately this summer which resulted in them being named the least popular royal couple. 


While this does look clumsy and is most definitely hypocritical, isn’t that the point of the Royal family?


If you like reading tacky articles about the Queen’s dogs, William’s receding hairline or about Meghan ‘the rule breaker’ because she closes her own car door – flying private and wearing 10k shoes comes with the territory.


But, it seems that Harry and Megan have become the victims of their own progressive ideas. Make a few statements about global warming and now suddenly you have to eat €3 Tesco meals, cycle to ‘work’ or downsize to a 1 bedroom solar powered flat. 


Seems a bit much to ask from people who live in palaces, embody elitism and diligently fill Daily Mail columns for people’s entertainment. 


Surely, if flying private jets sends the wrong message, having a single family own 1.4% of England and still ask for GBP300 million to refurbish their plumbing should too? 


Not in Britain. Over 68% of people in the UK think the Royal Family is good for Britain and should stay, and thus far there is little traction to stop new prime ministers from having to kiss the Queen’s ring before coming into power.


It seems that it’s just Harry and Megan who have gone too far in their hypocrisy to remain popular. In an attempt to address the issue, the palace decided to employ Sunshine Sachs, the company that made its career trying to salvage both Harvey Weinstein’s and Michael Jackson’s reputation. 


Shows how unpopular they think Harry and Meghan really are… 

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