Pocahontas por Presidente!


Pocahontas por Presidente

Latinas are in, right? Might as well throw that in, too.

White privilege is one of those sensitive issues. It’s a term that gets thrown around a lot in the media these days, but nobody seems to really agree on its meaning. And that’s where a big part of the problem lies. Discussions turn to heated arguments, because the semantic paradigm in which the conversation is held is unclear, the borders are blurry. Where does white privilege end and nepotism begin? Where do hard work and deserving fit in? Establishing definitions would go a long way in alleviating the hot-button nature of white privilege, because most of us agree. Sounds too easy to be true? Watch the Daily Show interview between Jon Stewart and Bill O’Reilly:

Two socio-political polar opposites who could seldom touch common ground if they were both holding ten-foot polls. Notice how the conversation shifts from accusations and defensiveness to an actual dialogue once Stewart takes the time to lay out the name of the game. Albeit begrudgingly (probably more for the entertainment value rather than true philosophical gripe), O’Reilly concedes the two talk-show enemies are actually in accord. White privilege doesn’t mean a white person doesn’t have to work hard, it doesn’t mean they don’t deserve what they have, or that they’ve been given anything. It’s more about what they don’t have to put up with. The adversity they don’t feel, as a direct result of racial subjugation. This is why minorities are awarded some privileges of their own (e.g. college scholarships for African-Americans) – as an attempt to level the playing field somewhat. This is why what Senator Elizabeth Warren has done is truly offensive. 


Being offended has had a pragmatic impact on modern-era liberal politics comparable the hippie culture in the 60’s. Well-intentioned, ultimately pretty futile and inconsequential, but arguably the defining feature. Shame offense hasn’t resulted in any good art, literature, movies, or music (it actually kinda seeks to destroy those things). Liberals’ overindulgence in who took offense to what is even the bud of many a joke on this very site, but good ol’ Liz claiming to have Native American heritage is finally something worth being offended about! The whole goddamn story stinks! For so many reasons. 


Warren’s heritage was first called into question when it emerged she was listed as a minority faculty member at Harvard. The minority being Native, just… for the slower readers… her defense was that she never made that claim, or Harvard was touting her heritage, or she never knew, it was raining that day and it was a Wednesday anyway, so she couldn’t have even been on campus, cause her office hours are on Tuesdays and every third foggy Friday of the month… usual political fuckery. Also, at this juncture: Well done Harvard on the diversity strategy! Guess identifying as a minority is as far as we’ll go. Same thing happened at the University of Pennsylvania – by complete coincidence, obviously. Now, however, a Texas bar registration card from 1986 in her handwriting has emerged stating her race was ‘American Indian’. Whoops. Let’s also remember that, not content with just looking at a mirror, she took a DNA test to try and prove her Native ancestry, boasting about the results in a Tweet directed at Trump 

She attached a Boston Globe article which cited the outcome of the DNA test as ‘proving “strong evidence” she had a Native American in her family tree dating back 6 to 10 generations’. That sounds alright. It actually means she has between 1.56% and 0.1% Native American blood. Less that the average European-American, according to the New York Times in 2014. 


It isn’t just the endless parade of lies and bullshit surrounding her heritage that have to disqualify her as a presidential candidate. It’s the deep seeded character flaw, her unabashed sense of entitlement, that allowed this white woman to reconcile with taking advantage of the few privileges awarded to people as a modicum of penance for generations of mistreatment.    

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