Pete Buttigieg – Should I Give a Shit?


Pete Buttigieg - Should I Give a Shit?


Forget Biden, he smells people. Forget Sanders, he’s a millionaire. Beto? He only donated 10k to charity, cheapskate. Enter Pete Buttigieg. The Democrats’ new favourite candidate to rub in Republicans’ faces. 


Politics in the US has taken a Top Trumps turn. Today a Republican needs to own at least 4 golden retrievers, 29 semi-automatic rifles and be willing to dissolve the government altogether to be elected. To win the same race, a Democrat has to have been a civil rights champion since age 6, be at least 1/16 non-white and have worked 3 jobs to support their family of 12.


So Pete Buttigieg, the new top Trump: a veteran, polyglot, Christian, gay man from a migrant family. Let’s hope this doesn’t prompt Sanders to get a tramp stamp or Biden to take up skateboarding. 


But what about Pete’s policies? Pete thinks we need to insist on a better future. But that’s not all, he also thinks everyone should have a chance to find purpose and belonging; a more secure future and to summon the national will to meet the challenge of climate change.


There’s a slim chance that the media will challenge Pete on his Walt Disney policies. They are far too busy covering his personal life. MSNBC, for example, challenged Pete for a good 5 minutes on why he didn’t come out earlier, whether it is harder to come out or be closeted and what his dating life was like. Too bad no one asked Bill Clinton or The Donald that last one, the answer would be riveting. For a broadcaster that prides itself in tolerance, just how gay he is seems to matter quite a lot.


But Pete wasn’t born yesterday, he knows detailed policy outlines and calculated programmes are so 2008; “We can’t just talk policy points all the time”. Instead, Pete wants to “tell a better story about [his] principles”. By principles he must mean defending the teachings of the good book while kissing his husband on TV (not sure they’ll be showing that at Jesus Camp). 


Should you give a shit about Pete? Certainly not about him being gay. Much like Sanders’ book royalties or Biden’s views on personal space, it is hard to see how that would make him more or less qualified to be President of the United States. His future in this race remains unclear. It’s not the best sign when ‘build a wall’ constitutes a more detailed and precise policy description.

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