Not Caring is Expensive


Not Caring is Expensive

The climate discussion may have become a bore to some, but not being interested anymore is a stance most can’t afford. If the debate doesn’t change from ‘if we should pay for it’ to ‘who’s going to pay for it’, three guesses who’ll end up paying for it.


Even Jeremy Clarkson, who after years of denying global warming took the long walk down to admit climate change is an issue, would rather call Greta Thunberg stupid for ruining his car-show, than talk solutions.


Then again, if all hopes rested on a solution coming from the host of the Grand Tour, there really wouldn’t be much hope.


Right now, the pro-climate camp is still densely populated with the “yes, I know it’s terrible right” folks, waiting for everyone else to make a move. They mean well, but ‘if Brazil is still burning down forests, why should we change?’ is a game of chicken that won’t end well.


Those against drastic climate policies can be split into three camps: a) the ‘Diana and Tupac are still alive’ camp, who can join the rapper and princess once the climate is really screwed b) the yes climate change is real, but switching out the halogens for LEDs is a bit drastic camp – who when zero hour approaches claim they’ve always been on board c) and the why should I have to pay for a 30k solar panel when Shell just got a 20m tax break, and all I had for breakfast was some dry toast and a glass of water?


Meanwhile, many parliaments across Europe are still hung up on the question of whether anything should be done in the first place. Plenty of political parties talk green, but a restriction on microwave wattages and giving oil companies significant subsidies on the side isn’t very convincing. Meanwhile, climate sceptic parties instead leave science up to talk show hosts, as their conclusions are much easier to digest.


Of course, it’s hard to sympathise with someone who chose to believe ‘that guy with on Fox news’, over the ever-growing number of scientists. And this is where the whole thing could turn into an episode of Black Mirror.


What’s for sure, is that a lack of policy leads to a world without David Attenborough and polar bears. But the real plot is that this is also a world where the wealthy end up fighting over chalets in Switzerland, and the less fortunate end up having to share dry land and food with an unstoppable flow of migrants as they chose to believe an ad by Steve Bannon. Bet they didn’t see that coming.


Unfortunately, there will come a day when it turns out that not everything can be solved by walls, hating Europe, Brexit and blaming Mexico. That is unfortunately also the day the conned are paying for it rather than the con-artists.

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