Kim Jong-Un Joins Trump 2020 Campaign


Kim Jong-Un Joins Trump 2020 Campaign

Kim Jong Un’s wants Donald Trump to win the 2020 presidential election and secure a second term in power, according to sources. Failing that, the Supreme Leader could well advise his American counterpart to get rid of elections altogether and don the Communist party uniform.


This revelation comes at the tail end of a frosty period between Washington and Pyongyang.


When Kim met Donald for the first time in Singapore in June of 2018, it was as much a propaganda victory for both as it was an achievement in foreign policy. Kim Jong Un, pariah and short of cash despot, was made to feel special by the US President. 


Indeed, much like the unpopular fat-kid in every high school, Kim suddenly felt relevant when the jock-like Donald took an interest in him.


However, as far as the policy objective of denuclearisation goes, things have moved at a static pace ever since. After the non-starter that was the Hanoi summit in February of 2019 talks between the two powers have frozen to a standstill with the relationship status now firmly ‘it’s complicated’.


The bromance itself has lost all of its early-stage warmth too, souring to petty back-and-forth insults. The DPRK seems to have resorted to its old tactics, accusing the US of ‘hitting its own foot with an axe’… the North Koreans must surely have a government department dedicated to dissing the US. 


Like a desperate Santa with a sack of home-made nukes, Kim warned the US President that he had a special ‘Christmas gift’ for him if sanctions were not relaxed. Yet what many suspected would be the testing on an inter-continental ballistic missile (ICBM) turned out to be a stocking full of hyperbole.


In the months preceding the close of 2019, US and North Korean negotiators have struggled to reach an accord, with no clear consensus on how much North Korea should curtail its programme of nuclear weapons or how much the US should concede in the way of sanctions.


In fact, Kim appears to have gone for double or nothing, hinting at an escalation of their nuclear programme in 2020


In an interview, former United States Special Representative for North Korea, Joseph Yun, has explained this turn of events as a result of Trump rage-quit at the Hanoi meeting earlier this year ‘I think they really do feel that, in Hanoi, Trump stiffed them’.


Kim Jong-Un insists on taking an armoured train on international journeys, as though he were a signatory of the Treaty of Versailles in 1918… he likely felt particularly insulted when Trump chose to cut talks short and jet home aboard the magnificent Air Force One.


The latest wave of animosity from North Korea is thought to be in response to perceived slights from the Americans, as well as their lack of diplomatic sweeteners. 


Yet despite recently calling him a ‘heedless, erratic, old man’, Kim still needs Trump, and the Donald has not yet closed talks with the North Koreans. Accordingly, Kim Jong Un still has the powdery orange ear of the President himself. 


That’s why it’s in his interests for Donald Trump to retain the White House in the upcoming election, as the Democrats have criticised Trump’s policy of engagement with Pyongyang.


One-time policy advisor Yun commented that ‘there’s no question in my mind that they’re not going to get anyone better in the White House than Trump’.


Surely the North Koreans would not dream of rivalling Russia in the upcoming US election Meddling Olympics in order to secure this?

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