Looking For a Role Model? Hollywood to the Rescue.


Looking For a Role Model? Hollywood to the Rescue.


Ever found yourself lacking a role model? Wishing there was someone you could look up to? Feeling too confident about your abilities and searching for a way to diminish yourself? Or are you just looking for a conversation topic to dish out during your next family reunion? Hollywood has got you covered! With a new range of biopics.


Lately, Hollywood seems to be driven by two kinds of films: blockbusters and biopics. The former are the most extravagant out there, unparalleled in budget, scale and technical prowess. But, while everyone is talking about the latest production of the Avengers series, it is biopics we are interested in. 


The last couple of years have seen a rise in Hollywood biopics and, unfortunately, not all good ones. The Man Who Knew Infinity will give you a better sense of cultural differences between India and the UK, by bunching as many stereotypes as can be squeezed in under two hours, but you won’t come out knowing anything that Ramanujan achieved. You’ll just know you should be admiring him. 


In a similar vein, American Sniper is a war film which will surely arouse FPS gamers but might raise a few eyebrows for the rest of us. The questionable raison d’etre seems to be that single-handedly killing over a hundred people in a foreign country is something to be proud of. Don’t get the wrong impression here, this is not a comment on the acts of the actual man doing his job, but rather questioning whether such acts should be considered a cause for admiration. And if ever you’ve caught yourself thinking that such films are really about the traumas of war, watch Apocalypse Now, now!


Thankfully, not all biopics follow the same template. There are those, like Roma, which follow the hardships of ordinary people. Removing the ‘wow’ factor attached to famous people means actually having to work on the plot, images, scenery, and acting. Nobody knows, and nobody cares, who’s life the story is based on, but rather on the message the story carries. 


All in all, the message of this story seems to be: don’t get caught out in gobbling up that every person in a movie is worthy of a film for the reasons shown on screen. Otherwise, it’s probably safer to just stay in the vast pool of blockbusters. At least you’ll get your money’s worth in entertainment.  

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