Jon Snow Hates Snow


Jon Snow Hates Snow

Jon Snow, veteran Channel 4 presenter better known as dragon slayer who moonlights on Game of Thrones, was covering the leave means leave march on the 29th of March when he couldn’t help but remark that he’d “never seen so many white people in one place before”. Although this is unlikely to be true for a 71 year old Brit, as the Cotswolds (the ‘Hamptons’ or of the UK non-British reader) is about as diverse as a father-son golf tournament, he did have a point.

Let’s call a spade a spade. The leave means leave march was about as white as the Tesco bread section adorned by the Poundland – sorry, UKIP – flag which was waved alongside chants like ‘Leave Means Leave’, ‘Worst Deal Ever’, and ‘Bye-bye EU’. To make sure the atmosphere was inclusive, Nigel Farage and Tommy Robinson were present to rule out any outrageous comments of course. Please see a passionate appeal from Tommy below: 

The ‘PC gone mad’ crowd, were of course very respectful of Jon’s observation. After all, it’s about time political correctness stops taking over real debate and prevents people from addressing the REAL problems in society! Oh wait… No, it turns out even good old Keith who’s thankful to Nigel Farage for ‘saying it like it is’ can get offended. 


Snow did the impossible, as his comment was followed by a barrage of measured responses from the fighters for the free word across social media (whilst the Google search ‘why Jon Snow hates snow’ trended like never before). After years of grappling with their identity, living in a race and gender normative society that does not see past constructed identities – a few brave souls took to Youtube to express how offended  they were about being put in a box: 

The complaints left Channel 4 with no choice (?!) but to apologise (?!) for any offence caused to the snow flakes (sic) on the internet. Guess they could nolonger ignore this trend in fluid identities and were forced to get with the times. They issued a statement saying:


“Jon has covered major events such as this over a long career and this was a spontaneous comment reflecting his observation that in a London demonstration of that size, ethnic minorities seemed to be significantly under-represented. We regret any offence caused by his comment.”


We thank Channel 4 for sharing his CV while they were at it. 


Broadcasting regulator Ofcom claims they received over 2000 complaints and “will assess any complaints [they] receive before deciding whether or not to investigate.” Investigate? Condolences to the intern who’ll be watching the 4.5 hour video of the leave march to produce a face count. 

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