Global Warming? What Global Warming?


Global Warming? What Global Warming?

Sean Hannity

That human activity is causing disastrous changes to the planet and the climate is a fact.  Scientists are not even studying that as much as they are trying to pinpoint how many scientists have proven this to be true. Climate change affects everybody and is well worth informing yourself about and changing your consumption habits. Unless, that is, if you’re from the far-right. But why the denial of hard science? The choosing of ‘alternative facts’ over the inevitable facts? 


Nigel Farage, described by himself as ‘an environmentalist’ – by himself, and literally nobody else –, stated that worrying about global warming was ‘one of the biggest and most stupid collective mistakes in history’. The environmentalist also admits he doesn’t ‘have a clue’ about global warming. His line of thought where WTO rules are great, Romanians come in millions and ale is a fine drink, shows that anyone’s science is as good as Nigel’s hunch.


But, Nigel is not alone on this. Dutch politician Thierry Baudet is more than happy to quote obscure science when it comes to differences between race and intelligence. But, thousands of reports on climate change? No thank you. 


Mainstream European parties and most of conservative America won’t open their eyes to the iceberg that’s no longer heading towards them. If polls are anywhere near accurate, one-third of the European Parliament will be occupied by climate sceptics! These are people who use mobile phones, fly in airplanes and see water boil at 100 degrees, yet climate change is total witchcraft to them. 


It might strike you as strange, after all the far-right love a giving the public a good scare. So, in a world of rapey Mexicans, staby Romanians, and ‘libtards’ trying to murder your babies, why doesn’t the greatest horror story of all time make it? The planet melting away from under them! It’s a catastrophe of Biblical proportions and Noah is nowhere to be seen. On the plus side, there’s a good chance the sceptics will go out to buy their life rafts after they have long sold out.


And if you’re not an expert on climate change, that’s fine. You don’t have to be. But when forming an opinion, it can be helpful to see who represents certain ideas. Whereas climate change is asserted by scientists and statisticians, climate change deniers include people like Tila Tequila, Alex Jones and Sean Hannity.


Most people, regardless of political affiliation, will agree that they make the top eight stupidest people alive today. And don’t even come with ‘he makes millions, so he can’t be that dumb’. While having a lot of money probably means you’ll be high and dry in a Swiss ski resort, it does not make you intelligent. Just ask Paris Hilton, oh wait, you can’t, because science is yet to find a form of communication she sufficiently commands. 


Now, people all around the world are demanding politicians to act and act fast. Fridays for Future, Extinction Rebellion, Rise for Climate, the fear of the destruction of our planet has become impossible to ignore. The choice is yours. You can live your last days thinking all will be well until the land floods, or join the quinoa eating mavericks. The prospect of being stuck on an island with Sean, Thierry and Nigel might sway your decision. 

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