Danny Baker ‘s Tweet Means BBC Can Finally Fire Him (Again)


Danny Baker 's Tweet Means BBC Can Finally Fire Him (Again)

Danny Baker

BBC radio presenter Danny Baker was recently fired, after tweeting an image of a chimpanzee referring to the birth of the royal baby: 

The tweet was up for 8 minutes, before someone alerted Danny that it was being received badly and he swiftly deleted it. Regardless, the network didn’t waste much time and just 24 hours later…

But the BBC wasn’t going to leave it there. The day after the scandal, they invited another BBC presenter to applaud themselves for this reaction. This is not surprising since the BBC has not always been so quick to fire their employees. Jeremy Clarkson was welcome to stay on Top Gear for ten years despite many racially adventurous comments until he punched a co-worker and was finally let go. Apprentice host Alan Sugar, was also allowed to keep his job after posting his analysis of Senegal’s world cup team:

So, why is this different? Could it have something to do with the fact that the previous two were much more talented? Or, is the BBC more protective when it comes to their monarch overlords? The latter seems unlikely. After all, the Royal Family has had a black and white record on racism. Princess Michael of Kent wore a brooch depicting a ‘blackamoor’ when meeting Markle for the first time, and prince Phillip (where do we begin) told a group of British students in China “If you stay here much longer you’ll all be slitty-eyed”. Probably Danny’s lack of talent then. 


Following the sacking Baker said that “he had no idea” the baby he was referring to was the son of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. So much for thorough journalism. He said he would have used the image in any other scenario, including Boris Johnson’s child or his own. So, Danny had no clue what he was tweeting about and isn’t a very good journalist? This is also supported by the fact he was sacked once before when he encouraged football fans to make the life of a referee ‘hell’ after awarding a penalty in 1997. Because referees are usually loved by football supporters and sometimes they need that little nudge to express themselves? Fifteen years later, he resigned  on air after calling his BBC bosses pinhead weasels for moving his programme to the weekend.


Even if Danny is not a racist and meant nothing by it, he could be sacked for being so blissfully unaware and a terrible employee. Perhaps this tweet is a blessing for the BBC who have been looking for a reason to let him go for the past decade. 


In order to try and salvage his career, Danny has since gone down a rabbit hole of apologising 9 times on twitter, saying this was the worst day of his life and grovelling on every single news outlet that would have him. During an incoherent interview on LBC, he said he understood the BBC’s move to fire him, but that they were being very unpleasant on the telephone. We’ll be sure to let them know to brush up on their telephone manners. 


But the sacking wasn’t the end of it. Danny Baker is now being investigated by the Metropolitan Police. Apparently that’s what an understaffed and underfunded police service need to be doing… investigating a tweet. The Police has said that, “as is routine, the allegation will be reviewed and assessed by specialist officers”. This must quite literally be the Twitter police. In the mean time he’ll probably be monitored round the clock by MI5 to make sure he doesn’t plot a revolution. 


On the plus side, if Danny never gets a job again, he can join the Royal Family in being supported by the state where he will be free to tweet what he likes. 

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