Bill Weld


Should You Give a Shit: Bill Weld

Bill Weld

There’s been buzz about this guy Bill Weld coming in to put up a fight against President Trump for the GOP nomination in 2020. But should you even bother to learn the blandest name in the presidential race? 




Look, we’re not here to waste your time, but if you read these articles for pleasure rather than information, then go ahead! Keep reading! 


In this sports-fan political landscape, it’s nice to get candidates who break the mold and come from the outside to shake things up a little. And it pays to be different; Bernie Sanders was an independent who is now the Democratic front-runner, and Trump, well, who knows what he is, but he’s not a Republican. Similarly, Bill Weld isn’t your typical Republican. He might be gunning for the GOP starting block, but he was recently part of the Libertarian Party to run for Vice President under Gary Johnson in 2016. 


Kind of like Bill Weld, you don’t really need to bother giving a shit about the Libertarian Party, either. Yes, they’re the third largest political party in the US, not counting the NRA – yeah, we went there – but nobody really gives a shit about the Libertarians. Or, pretty much as close to nobody as you can get in a country of 327 million people. At the moment, they hold no seats in Congress, no seats in the House of Representatives, no members in governorships, no seats in State Upper Houses, or Lower Houses… it goes on like that for a while. Sure, they hold a couple elected offices, but nothing of note. 


The reason is probably because they believe in supporting civil liberties to an extent where you basically do whatever the hell you want without big brother there to tell you to quit it, or to provide any pesky social well-fare programs. But, since healthcare might be a good idea when they turn the country into Thunderdome, the whole spiel hasn’t really caught on – kind of like Bill Weld won’t.


In 2016 Ted Cruz wasn’t conservative enough for the south. TED FREAKING CRUZ! Trump blew him out of the water, because even Ted wasn’t willing to follow DJ that far down rabid-nutcase-hole. The liberal media are already hailing Weld as the conservative messiah, but they forget one important detail: they’re not voting for him anyway! Bill Weld is the conservative liberals would vote for, which makes him perfectly inconsequential. 

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