Author: Sam Pennifold

Sam is determined to shed light and report truth on the big issues. He is is a self proposed liberal, though only so he doesn’t have to associate with the right side of politics as he fears it could damage his future career prospects
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Police feel knife crime nostalgia

There are reports today that the senior brass of the London Metropolitan police department, MET, are missing knife crime.      This comes in the wake [...]
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Bridgerton: soft porn and fancy dress

Meant to be a sharp social commentary on race, the emancipation of women and high society the only real takeaway from Bridgerton is the creative number [...]
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British Empire gets a reboot

With Brexit done and dusted 'global Britain' is calling up old friends... namely former white colonies around the world.   In other words, Empire, a band [...]
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Corbyn gets the flush

[vc_video link=""] Jeremy Corbyn has had the whip removed by the new New Labour party after the Equality and Human Rights Commission found his leadership of [...]
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A very un-presidential debate

"Will you shut up man?" cried out the American people as arguably the worst presidential debate in the history of US politics took place on the [...]
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