This is the part where we explain what onthefence should be all about...

"Satirical news, not for the meek. From the fence we speak"

Onthefence is an online news platform run by students at King’s College London that aims to break down the ‘left-right’ division in news. People are stuck in a positive feedback loop causing an ever greater rift in the socio-political landscape. This makes conversation increasingly difficult, unlikely and has a tendency to result in petty spats rather than genuine conflict resolution. Through satire and critical articles, we aim to give a commentary that is both left and right. Right where necessary, left where necessary – depending on what side is underrepresented. We will never adapt our commentary to become a solely left or right outlet, hence our motto; “satirical news not for the meek, from the fence we speak”.


The term ‘safe space’ has been hijacked by those who think things should not be said or discussed in favour of not offending anyone – i.e. a nice warm blanket to make sure everyone feels happy all the time. Onthefence does not believe in blankets. Nothing should be a taboo, healthy provocation leads to healthy debate. A safe space should be a space where anything can be said without ‘offence’ being a restrictive factor. This doesn’t mean going out of our way to seek publicity through offence, but we most certainly won’t concern ourselves with any injustice you may feel as a result of reading our articles. Onthefence will be your favourite safe space.


We welcome comments on all our articles, however outrageous they may be, and where possible will engage in debate with those who think differently. If you want to write for us, please contact: contributions@onthefence.news